It’s Kenneth Grahame’s birthday – Poop Poop!

Today is Kenneth Grahame’s birthday – hooray! Not many people know that as well as writing ‘The Wind in the Willows’, ‘The Reluctant Dragon’ and numerous short stories, he used to work for the Bank of England and was one day shot at by an irate pistol-carrying customer. Perhaps with what we now know of banking practice, it’s not that surprising, but fortunately, our Kenneth survived the incident unscathed.

I do love ‘The Wind in The Willows’ and have read it to both of my children, so I thought I’d like to do something special to celebrate this special day. But what?

wind in the willows Kenneth graham

I thought I could go for a reckless drive, but I thought that might be a little irresponsible.

the-wind-in-the-willows toad

Poop, poop!

I quite fancy a spot of boating, although the weather forecast threatens rain.

rat and mole boating the wind in the willows kenneth Grahame

Ah, what could be better than a day spent messing about on the river?

I could go for a nice picnic, but it’s still pretty cold out there.

wind in the willows kenneth grahame

A slap-up feast followed by a snooze in the sunshine – bliss!

The problem is that my house is currently a disaster zone, and my parents are coming over for lunch – soon! So I think any birthday shenanigans will be me have to be me devoting myself to some intensive emergency spring-cleaning, mole-style.

wind in the willows kenneth grahame

Panic! Get scrubbing – they’re on their way!

So happy birthday, Kenneth Grahame, I raise my feather duster to you!

kenneth Grahame

The Kenneth Grahame Society have assured me that no squirrels were harmed in the cultivation or maintenance of this moustache.