Happy Birthday Charlie D!

As it’s Dickens’ birthday today (203 years old – looking good, Charlie boy!), I could hardly let such an important date pass without celebrating it, especially as Lucy has recently raised the gauntlet with her Dickens challenge!

The great thing about celebrating Dickens’ birthday, is that, having been such a prolific writer, his books offer an abundance of magnificent ways to honour him. One could feed thin gruel to an orphan; sport a yellowing, moth-eaten wedding dress for the day; parade outside banks and other financial institutions dragging clanking chains of doom; steal a pie; – how is one meant to choose? Luckily, my 2015 knitted author challenge made the decision for me.

Anyway here he is, complete with a fine, feathery quill. (You can see who I knitted in January here)


So, what are you doing to celebrate his birthday?