One of the other Tolkien kid’s books (no hobbits, but people do eat and drink a lot)

Who remembers Mr Bliss? Sure you do. His bike doesn’t have any pedals so he only uses it to go downhill, then he buys a car at the bottom. Don’t think about the practicalities of that too much, it will hurt your brain. Especially later when he gives the car away, meaning his pedal-less bike is still at the bottom of a hill and he doesn’t have a car anymore. But he does have a girabbit (giraffe-rabbit), so that’s OK. Unless he never gets home again, in which case it may well starve, as towards the end of the book it does say that the giraffe had broken the windows and eaten the food out of the house, so that was a risk after all.

I was bought Mr Bliss in 1982 as a birthday present, when I was six years old. Unfortunately now his name sounds more suitable as that of a condom brand. I could also say something about the girabbit, but I won’t.

It is a lovely book, and holding up well considering it’s been in my possession for over thirty years. It’s Tolkein’s original writing and paintings on one side, and typed version on the other, which is a boon for six year olds not used to tiny fountain pen etchings.