Ingenious ways with scarves for better house-keeping and a happier life.

That Mrs Ramsey’s charm is universally irresistible, is hard to dispute. After all, even old Mr Carmichael succumbs when presented with a second bowl of her delicious soup. I’d like to propose that much of her extraordinary charisma can be put down to a highly developed sense of how to really work a scarf.

Most women will own a variety of scarves and shawls; some for warmth, others to co-ordinate an outfit, and something really something fancy and artisan to wear for a trip to the Theatre. Mrs Ramsey’s scarf versatility does away with the need for multiple scarves, as she can work miracles with one. For example, she’ll fling her green cashmere shawl across a picture frame to soften the look, then later will drape it around her shoulders when walking with her husband, so as to pander to his need to show her protection.

She lets Rose choose what jewelry she should wear for dinner, and of course, her shawl, in case it gets chilly. So the shawl even becomes part of the daily bonding with her daughter. The most remarkable magic she weaves with it, though, is to wrap it round the skull nailed on the wall of the children’s bedroom.

she quickly took her own shawl off and wound it round the skull, round and round and round, and then she came back to Cam and laid her head almost flat on the pillow beside Cam’s and said how lovely it looked now;  how the fairies would love it; it was like a bird’s nest, it was a beautiful mountain such as she had seen abroad, with valleys and flowers and bells ringing and birds singing and little goats and antelopes…

With a single shawl, she can update a room, look demure for her husband, accessorize for dinner – oh, and mask death.

One can only imagine what feats she could have achieved with a buff!