Happy Birthday Virginia Woolf!

Virginia Woolf would have been 133 today, the 25th January, the anniversary of her birth. I thought I’d celebrate the date by making her the first author that I’d knit for my 2015 book challenge, especially as she’s one of my favourite authors.

I’ve recently re-read  ‘To the Lighthouse‘ for this blog, and like all great novels, there are always fresh ideas there no matter how many times one returns to it. I only found out recently that Virginia Woolf was a keen knitter, finding it therapeutic – ‘Knitting is the saving of life’. In 1912, Virginia’s sister, Vanessa Bell, painted a portrait of her knitting, around the time that she was working on her first novel ‘The Voyage Out‘.

virginia woolf portrait

When I knitted her, I was really undecided whether to go ahead and fill her pockets with stones. I was aware that this might be interpreted as an insensitive reference to her death. The reason thy’re there is because to me, her novels always evoke such fragility and a deep melancholy. I think she’d been carrying those stones around for a long, long time.