Easy ways to manage book addiction with home furnishings!

Do you love books? Are you unable to walk past a secondhand bookshop without going in? Ever find yourself smuggling books into your home in secret?

Come on in, you’re with friends!

I’m not here to save you from your book addiction – I have one too! But I’ve discovered the perfect way to keep friends and family off your book-hoarding back forever, and I’m going to share it with you.

I rather like the idea of feeling like I live in a bookshop, but my bijou, book-lined lounge was getting claustrophobic when there was more than one person in it. For a family of four and a dog, that was becoming a problem. My tiny ‘bookshop’ home had reached critical mass.

I couldn’t imagine the desolate wastes of a future devoid of book purchases. I regularly pass on books I’ve finished with to charity, but I didn’t think I could limit myself to a ‘one in, one out’ restriction. I knew there had to be another way, and there was!

I discovered Chromatic bookshelving. Ordering the books on your shelves by colour is easy on the eye, and it actually makes your room look larger – no more claustrophobia, and no more limits on book purchasing, everyone’s too busy loving the colours! It has other benefits too. Being surrounded by a wall-sized rainbow on a daily basis feels like living on the set of a children’s television program. It makes you swear less and you’ll want to start communicating with your loved ones through the medium of song.

If you decide to give this a try, be warned. As you file Austen next to Vonnegut next to Dickens next to Wodehouse, your inner bespectacled librarian with severe bun, sensible shoes and Dewey decimal system, may become severely agitated by your deviation from subject /alphabetical order. This can be highly distressing, but remember, it’s worth it to ensure unfettered book-browsing forevermore.

Ebay 056

With books accruing all the time, I’ve needed to put up more shelves and I’ve made these ones monochrome. Now, when I’m in the grip of an existential malaise, I can hang out in my own little black-spined Classics section in a black polo-neck and hastily scribbled, black biro goatee, and my fragile ego feels soothed. You should try it!