How to do a 2015 book challenge without reading? (You have to be very crafty!)

Maybe it’s just me, but 2015 seems to be the year of the book challenge. I love setting targets for the year, and I’ve seen some really creative and fun reading ones out there to tempt me. The trouble is, I’m already working my way through a stack of classics for this blog, so rather than commit to another long list of titles, I decided to get crafty and devise my own 2015 book challenge but with a twist. the challenge won’t be to read novelists, it’ll be to knit them!

So, how will it work?

Every month, I will choose the writer whose book has most inspired or moved me, and I’ll knit a tiny little version of them and post up a picture on here with my reasons for choosing them.

As the months roll by I should build up a nice little collection of authors and poets and who knows, I might even take them out for some adventures.

Until then, they can hang out in my cabin with all my knitted footballers. (That’s a whole other story, but if you really want to, you can see and read about them here – )