Self-advocacy means taking control of our own lives. That can mean making choices about how we live our lives, like choosing what we do at home, at school, at work, or in our relationships. It can also mean working as a community to take control over how society views disabled people, how the media talks about us, and policies that affect our lives. ASAN works on both types of self-advocacy. We want to make sure that autistic people are included in all conversations about autism, whether those conversations are about our own lives or about autistic people as a whole in our society. 

Every disabled person is a self-advocate. There is no such thing as being “too disabled” to be a self-advocate. There are chances every day to self-advocate. Saying “No!” with your words or your actions is a kind of self-advocacy. We think everyone should get the tools they need to learn about all kinds of advocacy. Nobody should be denied the right to make their own choices.


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🍂 ASAN November Update 🍂

ASAN November Newsletter Dear friend, It was a busy month here at ASAN! While 2022 has been a hard year, this month brought much-needed progress on some issues important to our community, and gave us a chance to celebrate self-advocacy together. All month long, we’ve been celebrating ASAN’s birthday! If you missed any of our…

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an I Voted sticker

Mail-in voters, the deadline approaches!

Planning to vote by mail this year? Now’s the time to fill out your ballot and send it in! Voting is a great way to make sure your voice is heard, and the issues that matter to you are addressed. Take the time to send in your ballot today! Confused about how to vote by…

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🎢 ASAN August Update 🎢

ASAN August Newsletter Dear friend, Just like a rollercoaster, the quintessential summer fun, advocacy has its highs and lows, twists and turns. While we may not be as fun as an amusement park, here are some updates on the advocacy work we took on this month. We were disappointed when, despite sustained advocacy by our…

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