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ASAN works on policies and laws that affect autistic people and people with other disabilities. There are laws that protect our rights as people with disabilities. We work to make sure these laws are enforced fairly and people have their rights respected. But the legal system is often not fair to disabled people, especially disabled people of color. As we fight for our rights, we must also fight to change the way the legal system treats people.


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🍂 ASAN November Update 🍂

ASAN November Newsletter Dear friend, It was a busy month here at ASAN! While 2022 has been a hard year, this month brought much-needed progress on some issues important to our community, and gave us a chance to celebrate self-advocacy together. All month long, we’ve been celebrating ASAN’s birthday! If you missed any of our…

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ABAI Finally Opposes the Use of Electric Shocks at the JRC

After a vote by the membership of Applied Behavioral Analysis International (ABAI), the governing body of ABA practitioners, ABAI has reversed their position on the use of electric skin shocks for behavior modification. As of today, “[ABAI] strongly oppose[s] the use of contingent electric skin shock (CESS) under any condition.” This is the result of…

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Reproductive Justice Resources

Our Bodies, Our Rights: What’s Going On at the Supreme Court? There is a lot of information about what is happening at the Supreme Court and how it affects our rights, but most of it is not accessible or easy to understand. These issues impact people with disabilities, and it’s important that we have accessible…

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