Roadmap to Transition: A Handbook for Autistic Youth Transitioning to Adulthood

roadmap to transition cover

ASAN partnered with the Family Network on Disabilities to produce Roadmap to Transition: A Handbook for Autistic Youth Transitioning to Adulthood. This plain language handbook was created to help young autistic people understand and plan for their transition to adult life.

Roadmap can be used in different ways. Chapters 2-6 lay the groundwork for understanding and preparing for transition. These chapters cover:

  • self-determination and self-advocacy
  • legal rights
  • how to make a transition plan
  • how to get supports, and
  • what supported decision-making is and how to use it.

Chapters 7-10 are content chapters. These chapters give in-depth information about the different things you'll need to think about as you go through transition planning. While each of these chapters focuses on a different topic, they all have sections about the important laws you should know and how that topic fits into your transition plan. The topics covered in these chapters are:

  • post-secondary education
  • employment
  • housing and independent living, and
  • health care.

While Roadmap's primary audience is transition-age youth, the handbook can be used as a general resource by autistic people at any stage of life. We are also currently developing a version of this resource that is not specific to transition.

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